Private aircraft lease in Israel

The business aviation sector in Israel is very highly developed. Leasing a private aircraft is a matter of a few minutes. Comfortable travel requires only desire and funds. The AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) air broker has created a convenient online booking service for private flights, which offers business aircraft flights to any part of the world.

Private flight advantages

  • The direct flight to any desired city in the world, even if commercial airlines do not offer such routes.
  • Convenient booking procedure: 15 minutes for leasing, contracting and payment.
  • High level of on-board comfort and luxury service.
  • Traveling with friends, without hustle and bustle.
  • Additional options: Transfer, restaurant lunch during the flight, separate waiting room at the airport, business support, visa and insurance registration, hotel booking, concierge service at the point of arrival.
  • VIP aircraft with shower/bath, bedroom, office, etc. is available on request.
  • Time-saving of up to 4 hours: you can come to the airport 15 minutes before the aircraft departure, security checks take a few seconds.
  • Prestige and respect in the public’s eyes
  • Freedom of travel, independence from airline flights.
  • With the AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) company your trip will be organized on the turnkey basis.
Небольшие, легкие, даже можно сказать, миниатюрные, и в тоже время комфортабельные — вот как можно охарактеризовать самолеты малой авиации.

How to lease private aircraft in Israel


Небольшие, легкие, даже можно сказать, миниатюрные, и в тоже время комфортабельные — вот как можно охарактеризовать самолеты малой авиации.

To lease a private aircraft in Israel, just leave a request on this website. Please, indicate:

  • departure and arrival airports,
  • dates and times of two-way flights,
  • number of passengers (list children and their ages separately),
  • approximate weight and dimensions of luggage,
  • preferred aircraft model, if any
  • on-flight requirements,
  • email address.
Заказ частного самолета

The AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) Manager will read your request and send you a list of aircrafts available for the declared route. The response letter will contain:

  • The cost of a return flight for different aircraft categories (for all passengers),
  • departure, arrival, total travel time,
  • aircraft models and their ages,
  • number of seats,
  • links to descriptions and photos of aircrafts,
  • important flight-related information.

The only thing you need to do is to choose the preferred option, conclude the electronic contract in a form which can be read before booking the flight, and make a payment. Thereafter, you can pack your bags: AVIAV TM (cofrance SARL) will take over the whole organization.

Why AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL)

  • 15 years in the business aviation market.
  • 9 successful years in Israel.
  • Access to the global fleet of private aircrafts: remote flight organization anywhere in the world.
  • We organize passenger, cargo and medical flights of any complexity.
  • The top medical carrier in Europe in 2017.
  • Cooperation with airports in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa.
  • Convenient online booking:
  • 1 minute for registration.
  • 10 minutes for document registration for the flight.
  • Additional services at the client’s discretion: turnkey travel organization.
  • We speak the following languages: English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese.
  • Our company is engaged not only in leasing, but also in the sale of aircrafts, construction of new aircrafts and aircrafts improvements.
  • Own aviation and customs lawyers will ensure the legality of transactions, the resolution of disputes in favor of the client.
  • Absolute privacy, discreet approach to every customer, arrival without delay, meticulous financial reporting.


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